Salary On Steroids

salary on steroids

 Tired of being poor?

Tired of seeing other people make it big
The boss telling you to take another pay cut while he’s just got back from the Bahamas and renewed his Bentley.

You are not alone.
We have the answer. 
Did you know that hundreds of thousands of pounds are just waiting for you to claim them, all you have to do is know how to ask.

Forget Rich Jerk get rich quick schemes. Forget monetized blogs, affiliate schemes and selling intimate personal favours.

Fugative international is now proud to introduce a whole new concept in affluence.
We will arrange a deluge of money from British and overseas banks as well as some of our own exclusive sources of funding. Your new Fugative salary on steroids will open all the doors that have remained closed all these years. Big house, new cars, gold and diamonds, even apple products All you need to do is keep up the very reasonable monthly payments*.

Just read how we have changed some of our clients’ lives so far.

Money for nothing

Just got back from the Maldives to find the new BMW M5 had been delivered while we were away. We’ve put two kids through private school and the eldest is in a top university. We eat in the top restaurants (only last week we dined at Jamie Oliver’s place ) and the wife wears her Victoria’s secrets only once then slings them away. All this and I’m a forklift driver at Homebase. Thank you Fugative. 

Wayne, Manchestershire

At last, some class

First thing I got was one of those Rolex watches with the diamonds round it and took the girls out to the west end. Got my nose and boobs done in Harley street. My white Range Rover is parked outside me Mum’s house but I’m looking for me own flat. All that and I’m going out with a footballer. Thank you Fugative, I could shag ya to death.

Shaz, Kent

Better than going on the game

When the old man left us with three kids I didn’t know what we would do. Now I have me hair and nails done at Toni & Guy and the kids go to school, everyday. We got a bigger house than me manager and I haven’t been to LIDLs for years, except for work. Thank you Fugative, I’d be on the game if wasn’t for you. 

Karen, Sarf London

So easy, it’s funny

Just six months ago I joined the Fugative plan and already we’re looking for a new house for the home cinema system. Bonfire night we burned all our old clothes until environmental health stopped us. We get taxis to deliver the take-out and that Peter Andre sung at the the girl’s birthday party. Life is sweet thanks to Fugative.

Mike, Essex

Could this really be you?

What’s the catch? I hear you scream, You’re nobody’s fool. Money for nothing? And you’d be right but the beauty of Salary on Steroids income booster is that you won’t have to pay.

Here’s how it works   
With Fugative international‘s salary on steroids plan we will broker some of the most lucrative financing packages at the lowest repayment schedules. All you have to do is keep up those Low low payments. giving you up to 50 times your present spending potential.
And if you can’t keep up the payments Fugative International will implement its own patent repayment preclusion action getting you out of any messy legal action by simply invoking life insurance cover on the finance. Yes we will fake* you death and get you out scott-free.
Most of our private clients have managed over 20 years of good life and many of our National and corporate clients have managed decades.         

So what are you waiting for Give your salary some steroids with Fugative International.   

Enter your details below and one of our friendly advisors will take you for a ride in a big car. Time is running out.


Generations of leaders have felt the benefits of our national and corporate packages.  

When my father got the GDP Power Booster from Fugative International back in the 1970s he was almost worried sick about what we would do when the plan came to an end. He need never have worried because once i came back from my studies at LSE I realised that we would never have to pay it back, that’s what the people are for. Thanks Fugative International, you helped us put the Gee in PIIGS
 terms and conditions

*Failure to maintain agreed minimum repayment will cause financiers to invoke recovery procedures.
Prior to recovery procedures reaching the point of court summons the client agrees to submit to repayment preclusion action or forced life insurance procedures.
*In order to create the appearance of demise (Fake). Sufficient credit (net of expenses accrued) must be available to facilitate appropriate action.

In the event that sufficient funding is not available the company takes no responsibility for the client’s mortal status.  
The company cannot permit clients to be extant (alive) beyond the company’s active period of contractual obligation.  
The company cannot permit credit recovery procedures to reach public legal hearing and will make no such public appearances.
In the event that the client obtains funding from any third party not sanctioned by the company, the company will invoke repayment preclusion procedures.

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